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Risers for seat? Anyone heard of or tried?

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#1 BenG



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Posted 08 December 2017 - 04:28 PM

I have a SP 10.  I thought about trying to raise the seat a couple inches for more clearance under the seat for storage.  Anyone tried this?  Is there anything on the market (kit, etc.) to do this?  My DIY thought was to buy 1/4" bolts that are 6" long, knobs for the tops of the bolts and some sort of spacers (PVC, etc.) to put between the bottom of the seat mounts and the track.  Then put the longer bolts through the seat and spacers and into the track nuts.  Total cost would be under $10.  I've already made block rails from 2 x 2's for the back legs which (a) raise the back of the seat and (B) protect those troughs from denting.  I've been using those already.  


I'm short and have my seat pretty close to the center console, leaving no real space to store stuff under my seat.  I also prefer a taller sitting position anyway so I thought raising the seat would give me a better seating position AND storage for plano boxes, etc. under my seat.  I know there is an under-seat organizer but I wanted to have even more storage under there (similar to the seat on the Titan).  My only concern would be getting out of the seat to slide it fwd/back so as not to put as much pressure on the longer bolts (which are standard home center bolts and not some high-strength type).





#2 boykinsbuddy


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Posted 09 December 2017 - 09:54 AM

One of our pro-staff made seat risers using 4" aluminum channel. He got the channel from a ceiling project at work so I have no idea where you would get something similar. Anyway he basically did what you are talking about doing. It made pedaling the boat much easier but also raised the center of gravity a good bit. He said once he got used to it he never looked back.

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#3 mikeyFish



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Posted 09 December 2017 - 11:41 AM

this might give you some ideas:

Saw one of these at the lake & was impressed, but don't know if it's ever been tried in a Native yak.  Feelfree Gravity Seat $300

The Gravity Seat needs a wide footprint, 23 inches of deck space from side to side and 16 inches from front to back



If you Google "Scissor Lift Table" you'll see lots of links for making lift tables. 

Be sure & post your finished project, I've been thinking about doing something similar & could use some ideas.

#4 Mike13695



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Posted 09 December 2017 - 08:20 PM

I looked into hex standoffs , they were length and cost prohibitive so your best bet would be to modify some type of spacer with all thread , a long bolt and knob or some other application. If you were a bigger guy, (more weight) the concern would be stability in the set up. Whatever you do make sure it is a solid setup.

#5 BenG



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Posted 13 December 2017 - 01:45 PM

Thanks everyone.  I'll post whatever I come up with.  I'm in the frozen north so I won't be able to test my ideas on the water until about April though.

#6 BenG



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Posted 18 December 2017 - 11:48 AM

I bought some 1/4" hex bolts that are 5" long and some star-knobs.  The hex cutout in the bottom of the knobs was a little bigger than the hex heads (so they don't lock/grip) but I didn't know that until I bought/opened them (they looked like the same size).  So I super-glued and hot-glued the hex heads in the knobs.  I may also buy some thin nuts and put them under the knobs to help hold them tight.  Then I cut some PVC risers so there are 5 or 6 threads sticking out the bottom.  Then just put the new bolts with knobs through the seat holes, through the PVC tubes and tighten down into the track nuts.  I have a riser I made from wood for the back legs to prop them up as well.  Feels very sturdy and still easy to take on/off and adjust.  I thought about fixing the PVC tubes on somehow so I don't have to line up the bolts and tubes with the track nuts but I don't want them to be permanent at this point.  I'll probably wrap them in my camo or black duck tape for better looks but that's it until I try it out.  I will put my original knobs/bolts in my dry storage in case I need them.  As you can see, I've gained about 3-4" of clearance under my seat which should easily accommodate some tackle boxes or flat tackle bag or something.  Basically, make it more usable than it is now.  Again, I can't try it on the water until April/May since I'm in WI and all our lakes are now frozen.  (another reason I didn't want to make anything too permanent yet).  

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