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95deg, No Clouds, No Wind, (No Problem)

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#1 mikeyFish



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Posted 15 August 2015 - 10:21 PM

So, it's super hot outside. no clouds, no wind. But I wanna' go fishing! 

Here's how I solved the problem using a little redneck engineering: 

Yep, I know, looks a little goofy, but hey, a lot more comfy with the sun off my head & a breeze on my back.


Attached File  Umbrella & Fan.jpg   515.52KB   1 downloads


    Of course, if it's 100deg outside, gotta' get a little more inventive. Here's what I use on my riding mower. Mount the fan with the copper coil & circulate the cool water through it with a pressure pump. The "fuel cell" is a couple of frozen milk jugs & water in the cooler. Now, this can get very cool, so haven't had to use it this year.

    Now, the same rig will work on the yak, although on a mountain lake I don't think the cooler & fuel cell would be needed (just use the lake).

On my powered boat I sometimes use the pressure pump (140 psi/lo flow) into a misting head (very pleasant) but haven't tried it on the yak. Of course, the mister works much better on a dry day, so in the humid Carolinas, not always an option.


Oh well ... another day of fun & games on the water.


Attached File  Riding Mower Air Conditioner.jpg   497.48KB   1 downloads



Attached File  Air Conditioner Power Pak.jpg   441.99KB   1 downloads



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#2 mikeyFish



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Posted 22 June 2016 - 06:38 PM

New tricks for an old dog:


Added a better umbrella to my "yak air conditioner". Here in the Carolinas it gets very hot in the summer. Fishing in the shade with a fan blowing on my back is way mo' better than frying under the summer sun. This umbrella holds up much better in wind than the lil' $5 'brella I was using. Just clamp it to the side of the seat & the 3-way adjustment gets me under the shade just right. I used the red umbrella for better visibility.


https://www.amazon.c...ds=versa brella


I am planning on adding a cooling pad on the back of my seat laced with Tygon tubing for use with chilled water before it gets much hotter (more efficient than the copper coils on my current cooling fan). Got the idea from looking at this:  http://www.veskimo.c...ling-vests.html


Another idea I considered was making a heat exchanger by putting 1/8 inch aluminum plates on the bottom of the yak between the tunnels & piping it to another set of plates inside the yak (through the scupper plugs) to cool my feet (thinking that would feel nice). 


Hmm... wonder if the heat exchanger could be put under a couple of cloth bags filled with sand? Or maybe a couple of ice-paks under the sand bags? Gotta' think on that (could make for an awesome barefoot redneck oasis). 


Of course, this would mean using the trolling motor or paddling & not the Propel. That cold Jocassee water feels pretty good just hanging my legs over the side, but not the most comfortable position.


Now, the ultimate way to stay comfortable in any kind of weather is the Wim Hoff method, but at my age the cold shower training regimen might be a bit much.

(Let's leave that to the younger folks.)


Yep, when it's man against nature, I like to win.


Really wish the Mariner had a square tubing "roll bar" about 6 inches back of the seat. Would make a nice playground for us "redneck engineering" types.

Love retirement & still enjoy all that stuff I picked up at Jethro Bodine Technical Institute.

Y'all enjoy the summer!

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